About me

I am multidisciplined graphic designer based in eastern Los Angeles County in Southern California.

For over two decades, I have worked in print media, advertising, marketing, and design for national corporations as well as small "mom and pop" businesses. My clients come from an array of industries including non-profit, entertainment, luxury goods, professional services, real estate, education, legal, medical, and financial. I also accept subcontracted/freelance work from marketing, PR, and branding and design firms. I'm always looking for new clients and affiliates located within the Los Angeles, Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley, and Inland Empire areas, as well as throughout California and nation-wide.

I believe in helping my clients identify their branding goals, creating beautifully designed pieces that can help them communicate their brand in effective ways and find solutions to help evolve those brand goals.

Through my years of experience, I have been able to develop a strong and nuanced design aesthetic as well as excellent time management and collaborative skills. This allows me to comprehensively service the needs of my own clients as well as productively work with in-house creative staff and project managers when needed.

I'm skilled in many areas and am available to work on projects of any size and any budget for clients located anywhere in the world. I have an extended team of expert copywriters, marketing, advertising and public relations specialists, project managers, programmers, video editors, and designers that I work with, when necessary, to provide my clients the best possible product that meets their needs.

When I'm not working, I volunteer with several non-profit and community based-organizations, spend time exploring various creative outlets, and hang out with my family and dogs.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any projects or freelance work.

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Deborah Kekone Graphic + Web Design

Claremont, California
Phone: +1.323.213.9734
Email: deborah@dkekone.com


I work with my clients to creatively showcase their brands in beutiful and effective ways.


From the fundmentals of logo design and brand development to large-scope projects, I have the skillset to meet my clients' needs.


I bring new ideas to projects and help clients find ways of showcasing their business in unique ways.


My experience with servicing a vast array of clients allows me to see your brand from new and unique perspectives.

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