The Process

All projects I work on follow four basic principals: Identify, Create, Communicate, and Evolve. Here are the steps:

  1. Meet with you, the client, in person, over the phone, or via Skype or FaceTime to discuss the project and IDENTIFY the project scope and goals.
  2. Following the initial meeting, I will send you a project proposal and/or project quote and an estimated timeline.
  3. Upon approval of the proposal, estimate and timeline, the design phase of the project will start. Usually this phase kicks off with a meeting or conference call in which we will brainstorm and expand upon the previously established project goals as well as establish who your competitors and target audience are. We will also define the story your brand is trying to tell through the project and the emotions your brand would like to convey.
  4. Following the brainstorming meeting, initial copy will be written in order to establish the content of the piece. You may choose to provide the copy yourself or to have me or one of the copywriters that I work with create it. The copy may change throughout the process, but the initial version is used as a tool to help give a clearer direction to the project design.
  5. Upon approval of content, I will begin to CREATE the initial project design concepts and present them to you. During this phase there are typically 2-3 rounds of revisions made on the chosen design concept (based on project proposal and estimated project schedule). Once the revised and refined design concept has been approved, the design phase will be continued with the design/layout of website subpages, interior pages of catalogs and brochures, color exploration of logos, etc. (2-3 rounds of revisions typically included). During this period, the client is responsible for ensuring that any text used throughout the design(s) is accurate. Proofreading services are offered upon request, for an additional fee.
  6. Once you have approved the design concept, the design phase ends and the execution phase begins. This can mean the creation of press-ready artwork for print designs, programming a website, or exporting designs for use in social media or web. During this phase, I will review the project with you to ensure quality control and that you are happy with the final piece.
  7. Once the project receives final approval, I will help you COMMUNICATE the project by launching the website, or by providing final artwork to the printer, publication, client, etc. Press checks are available for printed pieces. For websites, this sometimes also means submitting the URL to search engines, setting up reciprocal links with brand partners, and additional viral marketing.
  8. Upon project launch, the project is closed out, archived and a final bill is submitted to the client.
  9. Finally, in a project follow-up meeting, I will help you strategize ways to EVOLVE the project or your brand and find ways to implement those strategies, whether through additional support projects or recommendations for third-party options.

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