The Cost of Business

I’m in a very fortunate position where I have minimal overhead costs in running my business, allowing me to offer very competitive rates. However, I still occasionally have a potential client balk at my pricing, not realizing that there are monthly overhead costs involved. “But my nephew said he can do it for XX dollars” is a common refrain heard by many freelance graphic designers. The tools, knowledge, and skill involved with producing any design can easily be overlooked when working with an experienced designer, but just the basic computer hardware and software costs add up, let alone the cloud services, website hosting, and typical supplies that any business requires in order to run. However, it’s all part of running a business and I, like most business owners of all types, are more than happy to pay those costs and account for them in our billing because that’s just part of doing business.

This recent story about Adobe suing Forever 21 over use of pirated software, even after being warned not to, is unbelievable. Beyond being illegal, it’s unacceptable for any business, especially a large national retail chain like Forever 21, to use illegally gained software in order to save a few bucks.

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