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Deborah Kekone Graphic + Web Design

Projects estimates are typically quoted at an average $75 – $90 per hour, depending on project requirements and client needs. Requests for pro bono and "spec" design work will not be considered. Pricing for all clients may be negotiated in writing prior to project start. Website pricing is quoted as a "cost plus" estimate with additional hourly rates applied for excessive revisions or additions, as well as reimbursement for any additional licensing fees. Additional pages/sections added to the website after programming, will be quoted at an additional $200 per page and billed for actual time spent and additional expenditures incurred. Time spent attending meetings, on phone calls or conference calls, researching the project and client competitors, and searching for stock photography will be included in the project estimate. Projects that exceed the scope of the original approved proposal/quote in time, content, or cost of materials may be subjected to a reassessment of the original pricing estimate or billed "cost plus." Projects involving the creation of templates for later modification by client and/or client's parties are typically quoted at and billed at a higher flat-rate or rate per hour.

All licensing fees (fonts, stock photography, Wordpress plug-ins, etc.) will be billed at-cost.

All deposits are due prior to start of project. All balances are due on date of completion, unless otherwise specified. Large or lengthy projects may be billed in pre-determined installments. Final project pricing is based on actual working hours and cost of materials and may be different than the initial estimate. Additional payment installments may be added to projects that exceed the estimated completion time. All scheduled payments must be made on time and in full. Payment installments are available in 50/50 and 50/25/25 plans depending on project size and expected timeline. Deborah Kekone Graphic + Web Design will provide monthly billing options for ongoing clients, typically invoicing for all accrued working hours and reimbursable expenses on the 15th of every month. 

All payments are due upon receipt of invoice. All payments more than 30 days past invoice date may incur a penalty late fee of 10% of the amount due. An additional 10% late fee will be added every 30 days thereafter.

All outstanding website payments are due prior to or on the day of website launch. Websites not paid in full will NOT be launched. Website updates following website launch will be billed at an hourly rate, typically $75/hour, unless a lower rate is negotiated in writing prior to the start of programming. All website payments more than 30 days past invoice date may incur a late penalty of 10% of the amount due. An additional 10% late fee will be added every 30 days thereafter. Website more than 60 days past due may be removed from their web servers. Full past due amount, plus late fees and an additional fee, based on an estimated hourly rate, will be charged in advance to reinstate the website.

All other payments are due prior to delivery of final art to client, printer, etc. Accuracy of all imagery and copy, including spelling and grammar, and legal use of images, is the responsibility of the client. Client is responsible for paying all received invoices on time and in full, regardless of project outcome or expectation of results, change in client financial status, etc. Deborah Kekone reserves the right to retain an attorney to collect all outstanding payments. Attorney fees will be billed in addition to amount of payment due.

Press checks, copywriting, and proof reading available for an additional fee. Please contact Deborah Kekone about additional services.

Deborah Kekone graphic + web design reserves the right to change these terms at any time.

Make all checks payable to "Deborah Kekone." Accounts with checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $50 fee.
Cash, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, eCheck, PayPal, Venmo (@Deborah-Kekone, Square Cash (@Deborah-Kekone),, and Zelle payment options are available
. Credit card payments are only available for bills over $500. A 3.5% processing fee will be applied to invoices paid by credit card. All wire transfer fees will be paid by client. 
Please contact regarding non-check payment options.

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