Google Requiring Websites to have SSL Certificates

This year, Google is going to start penalizing website owners who do not have an SSL certificate (websites with these will start with https:// instead of http://). For websites that accepts payments or collect information through input fields, this is an important feature, but for 2/3 of websites out there, it’s a somewhat unnecessary and […]

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Netflix Creates Original Typeface

It behooves many large brands with large marketing budget to commission a custom typeface for use in their brand marketing materials, especially if there is the potential for millions of people to see the advertisements. License fees for stock photography and typefaces can be very affordable for most businesses. However, these license fees are typically […]

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Thank you Kamala Harris for reminding us about the important role women serve in the design industry, providing creative support to all businesses and ventures! #ADayWithoutAWoman

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